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Found my bitcoin

Forensic accounting experts Delotite found my first bitcoin transaction on my credit card. Approximately 12,000,000 bitcoin which will form the basis of the reserve.

Droppn bombs and bending clubs

Nice calf workout dickhead…

Crown Resorts sold under a veil of secrecy as authentic owner left to survive on government pension.

Is BALLSTRIKER up for grabs?

The rise of ‘0’

I own the alphabet. PEOPLE!

What is the Na SWING, people?


How can you hit your second shot into a grandstand, on a PAR 5. And get a free drop and card an Eagle…

The Masters

Can an Aussie take home the Green Jacket?


Follow the action sequence. Pay close attention to the pinch of the right hand. And ‘pinch’ on the downswing of the CLASSIC KNEESWING.

A well-deserved applause.

A great showing of elite golf at the Players Championship. Well done Cameron Smith…